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Welcome to Non Resident Indians for Mission 2024 (NRIM2024)!

Who the NRIM2024 is for? Why NRIM2024?

NRIM2024 is for all NRIs and PIOs who love Bharat (India.) We all have seen all around progress in all walks of life during the last nine years. We believe that for India to continue on its progress on the all-inclusive path of  development, It must reelect BJP with Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. 

The Modi government has taken several important decisions that have transformed Bharat in unimaginable way. One of the most important decisions was the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A to truly integrate Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country.

Modi government has brought under control terrorism sponsored by our neighbors. Many of them are liquidated at the point of entry and many sleeper cells are unearthed and taken care of. Fact that there have been no major terrorist attacks in last nine years is a testimony to the resolve of the government.

With all previous governments, we were used to one scam after another. It has become history in Modiji’s time at the helm. 

The Modi government has put Bhart on the world map and this government is recognized as representing a new and assertive Bharat which wants to engage with all nations but from a position of strength.

In his clarion call for a self-reliant India (Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan),  Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on the five pillars to sustain the growth: Economy, Infrastructure, System (Based on Modern Technology), Vibrant Demography and Demand. 

In each of these critical five areas, the government has taken several steps to accelerate speed to reach set goals. This is seen in the  growing economy even in challenging times, rapid building of roads, bridges, railway lines, freight corridors, coastal highways, connectivity of secondary roads, BHIM and UPI for cashless transactions, direct deposits, GST, etc.

There are numerous schemes by the government that have made life easier for many, especially for deprived or marginalized sections of society. Jan Dhan Yojana, Affordable Housing, Ayushman Yojana, Health and Life Insurance, Mudra Loans, Electricity for every village, Internet Connectivity of even remote villages, Online deposit into the beneficiaries’ accounts to eliminate corruption, etc. are but a few examples.

But much remains to be done and that would be possible only if you and I worked hard to re-elect BJP and Modiji and even with a larger number of seats than last time, NRIM2024 has set the goal of winning 400+ seats for BJP/NDA alliance in the upcoming Loksabha election in 2024

This is a crucial election because all corrupt and dynastic parties have joined hands in the hope of defeating Modiji and getting their hands on the treasury to loot the country with abandon as they have always done. 

Can we afford to reverse the progress of the last nine years? Can we afford to have minority appeasement on Steroids, relegating the majority to second class citizenship? You know the answer! There is not a moment to waste and every effort that you and I make will count in achieving desired outcomes.

We would like you to join us in helping campaign for Modiji and BJP for a secured and shining future of India (Bharat.) Please join us by clicking on the Member/Volunteer tab. There is no charge to join though any contribution from you will help us meet our expenses here in the USA in this voluntary effort. 

You can help as a volunteer by 

  • Making telephone calls to prospective voters
  • Authoring articles and blogs for this website
  • Collecting useful information  
  • Research
  • Help with social media promotion
  • Creating short videos and animations
  • Arranging meetings in your area where we can explain about NRIM2024 and enroll volunteers
  • Help with fundraising (Funds to be used here in USA only; no funds will be sent to Bharat for electioneering, which is against the law.)
  • Enroll to go to Bharat for campaigning on the ground
  • And in many other innovative ways
  • Other

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Vande Mataram!

The Executive Board of NRIM2024

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